Are you or your child facing challenges or feeling weighed down by pressures of life such as work, relationships, parenting, or school life?

Low or lacking motivation? Waking up tired but unable to sleep? Struggling with relationships at home or work? Finding it hard to make the right choices for yourself or your family? Disturbed by childhood experiences? Watching your child or teenager struggle with no idea how to help? Overwhelmed by family life?

If any of the above resonates with you, psychotherapy may offer support. 

By sharing your thoughts and emotions, you may gain valuable insights and develop effective coping strategies. My aim is to assist you in managing your thoughts and emotions, boosting self-esteem and confidence, understanding, and navigating specific difficulties and situations. Additionally, if desired, I can help explore the roots of your issues and any potential traumas. 

Recognising that reaching out for support can be a courageous step, rest assured that you will encounter a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. Whether in English or Portuguese, I am here to accommodate your needs. 

Why Iris Psychotherapy?

The iris flower symbolises faith, renewal, and hope. During times of pain, whether physical or emotional, maintaining hope for brighter days ahead fosters resilience and strength.

In Greek mythology, Iris plays a significant role as the messenger of the gods in the epic tale of the Iliad. The name Iris itself translates to “the one who carries messages through words,” mirroring the essence of psychotherapy and counselling.

Moreover, the iris, as the colourful part of our eyes, reminds us of the rich diversity of humanity, including various skin tones, accents, languages, and aspirations. At Iris Psychotherapy, we embrace individuals from all walks of life, providing a welcoming space for healing and growth.

"Happiness isn't constant, and the true richness of life goes beyond fleeting joy. Embracing our values allows us to endure pain, discovering that even fear, loneliness, and anger can enrich our journey."